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SulPHur Dyes

Sulfur dyes are synthetic organic substantive dyes for cellulosics.

Properties of Sulfur Dyes
These are water insoluble dyes and have no affinity for the cellulosics as such, but solubilised when treated with a weak alkaline solution of sodium sulphide or any other reducing agent to form a leuco compound. These leuco compounds are water soluble and have affinity for the cellulosic materials such as cotton , viscose, jute and flex etc. These dyes are absorbed by the cellulosic material in the leuco form from aqueous solution and when oxidized by suitable oxidizing agents , got converted into insoluble parent dye , which is fast to normal color fastness parameters.

Types of Sulfur Dyes
There are three classes of sulfur dyes, which are available commercially.

1.Conventional water insoluble dyes which have no substantivity to cellulosics.
2.Solubilised sulfur dyes , which are water soluble and non substantive to cellulosics.
3.Pre-reduced sulfur dyes, in the stabilized leuco compound form , which are substantive to cellulosics.