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Modified Strach

Today, modified food starch is a food additive and limits of its modification, use and labeling are clearly defined in the US Code of Federal Regulation (Sajilata & Singhal, 2004). The European Directive on food additives allows the following food starches in food products

E1401 Acid-treated starch
E1402 Alkaline-treated starch
E1403 Bleached starch
E1404 Oxidized starch
E1405 Starches, enzyme-treated
E1410 Monostarch phosphate
E1411 Distarch glycerol
E1412 Distarch phosphate esterified with sodium trimetaphosphate
E1413 Phosphated distarch phosphate
E1414 Acetylated distarch phosphate
E1420 Starch acetate esterified with acetic anhydride
E1421 Starch acetate esterified with vinyl acetate
E1422 Acetylated distarch adipate
E1423 Acetylated distarch glycerol
E1440 Hydroxypropyl starch
E1442 Hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate
E1443 Hydroxypropyl distarch glycerol
E1450 Starch sodium octenyl succinate